We offer a range of services in the mediums of  print, digital and film.


Publishing Assist

Everyone has a story to tell. Contact us to find out how we can help you get your story from your computer and into the hands of your reader. We offer editing, design and layout, printer liaison, marketing and distribution services. E-book services also offered.


FilmCraft Workshops

We work with communities and non-profits to teach people how to tell their story in their own words using film as a medium. Workshops are customised to the participants in terms of content, style and pace. Content includes scripting, filming and editing.


Website Design

Share your brilliance with the world through your website. Contact us for your website design. Quick turn-around time.


Communication Materials

We  work with organisations to produce internal  communication documents including newspapers, exhibition designs, magazines, annual reports, etc.


Branding and Design

Contact us to find out how we can help you bring your vision and mission statement to life with personalised branding. We can assist from concept to print and installation stage.


Customised Card Games

We work with organisations to create concept cards which can be used for to run special promotions. We also work with non-profits to create card games which can be used in awareness campaigns.